Q – Who are Clear Telecoms?

A – Clear Telecoms is part of Clear Telecoms Ltd and specialises in Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) and Carrier Pre Select (CPS) services for business customers. Our UK based call centre, excellent customer service and value for money packages mean that more and more companies of all sizes are making the move to us.

Q – If I move to Clear Telecoms can I keep my existing number?

A – Yes you can, and we even have the technology now that if you move into a completely different town, say London to Sheffield, you can keep your number so people can stay in touch.

Q- Will there be any loss of service during the transfer?

A – None at all. We transfer your line(s) on a like for like basis so all your existing services, calls, line rental, caller display and any select services will automatically be switched over to us. The process usually takes 10 working days and we’ll write to you beforehand to let you know the transfer date.

Q – How and when will I be billed?

A – We raise invoices monthly on or around the 15th of each month with Direct Debit payments being taken on the 21st. Direct Debit billing is free, other payment methods are available at a cost of £5.00. If you provide your email address we can send your monthly bill by email for free, alternatively, we can post out a paper bill at a cost of £2.50.

Q – How can Clear Telecoms be cheaper than BT?

A – Quite simply our overheads are lower. BT has a massive infrastructure, including building costs and staff wages. Technology has developed to the degree that we can take advantage of the reliability of the Openreach network but at massively reduced costs, in turn passing these savings onto our customers.

Q – Do you provide new line installs?

A – Yes we do. Clear Telecoms places orders for new lines via Openreach with new standard connections costing £99. Please note whether you use Clear Telecoms or BT, on average it can take 2 – 3 weeks to for an engineer appointment.

Q – What happens if there is a fault with the service?

A – Firstly, unplug all equipment from every telephone socket. Plug a working handset into the master telephone socket and check to see if the fault persists. If there is still a problem please call us on 01442 807060 and speak to our Customer Support team. We will carry out line tests to establish the nature of the fault using the Openreach fault diagnoses system. This enables us to arrange for the fault to be registered with Openreach and resolved by one of their engineers. Openreach are responsible for line faults between the exchange and your property, however be advised, if the engineer finds that your telephone equipment or internal wiring is faulty, or turns up for an arranged visit and you are not there, a fee of £150.00 or more may be charged.