Phone Lines

We also offer a range of business line features



Monthly Cost*

1571 An answering service accessed by dialling 1571 on your handset. If a message has been left you will hear an interrupted dial tone the next time you pick up the handset. You can receive messages each up to 2 minutes long that will be saved for 60 days or 20 days after you’ve listened to them. £1.50
Caller Display This will display the number of the incoming call. This will only work on handsets that have the required display screen. £1.50
Anonymous call rejection This will play a recording to the caller saying that you don’t allow withheld numbers. Only displayed numbers will be able to call you. £1.50
Call Waiting When on the phone you will hear 2 beeps alerting you to another incoming call. Using the phone keypad you may wish to answer or hold the call. £1.50
Call Barring Bar all incoming or outbound calls. £1.50
Reminder Call Is like setting an alarm clock, only you can organise a reminder days in advance. You may set daily reminders or a one off reminder. £1.50
Ring Back If you hear an engaged tone when making an outbound call, press 5, wait for a confirmation message and then hang up. When your phone rings again this alerts you that the person you had tried to call is now free and being automatically called. £1.50
Three Way Calling Enables you to speak to 2 different locations at the same time in a three way conversation, or privately to one at a time. You make the first call, and when answered just call the second location. £1.50
Call Sign This gives you a second call sign number on the same phone, but the ring tone will have slightly different spacing when the call sign number is dialled. £1.50
Call Diversion Re-direct incoming calls to any other telephone number including mobile phones and international numbers. £2.50
Choose to Refuse Allows you to block unwanted or nuisance calls from a particular number. You can block that number and remove the block any time you want to. £3.50
Smart Divert Smart Divert allows your calls to follow you without you having to use your own phone. You can divert calls to other UK landines or mobile phones. £3.50
Smart Divert with Bypass This is the same Smart Divert feature as above but for security purposes you are allocated a PIN code to prevent unauthorised usage. £4.50

* All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. A connection charge may apply – please ask us for more details.